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General Description

While wiring considerations alone can justify vehicle networks, end users find that the network provides an additional benefit. The advanced diagnostic capability allows for the immediate awareness of unstable conditions. When a device is broken or worn, the problem may remain undiscovered until equipment failure, or other more serious problems occur. Electronic Innovation vehicle networks perform internal self-diagnostics and are able to report the working status of each device over the network. When a fault does occur, diagnostics identify the location of the fault. This eliminates the time-consuming process of tracing faults back through the wiring harness

The Electronic Innovation Inc. "DN" line of modules is intended to provide rugged, reliable, DeviceNet I/O capability in unusually harsh environments. These include applications such as on-board control of heavy mobile equipment.  The DN line has been designed from the ground up to survive these environments with special attention in the following areas:

  • Mechanical design for high shock, vibration, and concussion tolerance, resistance to liquids such as water or oil, and most forms of corrosion, along with wide operating temperature ranges.

  • Electrical design to ensure reliable operation in the face of severe electrical transients, which can occur on vehicle electrical systems. All modules have been designed and tested according to automotive standard SAE J1113 and mil spec QSTAG-307

  • Electronic design to minimize electromagnetic emissions and provide low susceptibility to external electromagnetic interference.

  • Extensive design effort has been expended to ensure that hardware, software, or network faults, if and when they occur, will result in a predictable and timely transition of the module to the safest achievable state.

For information and examples on how to implement our hardware in a vehicle network, please visit our page on the subject of Integration

Product Matrix

The products available can be found below: 

-OFE packaging is an open frame potted board with terminal block connectors.

-PFE packaging is a potted polyurethane box with micro style sensor and actuator connectors.

-An IEC 1131 programming package is available for some modules.
Module Name I/O Format IEC1131 Packages Notes
DN001 8 PWM Out No



 Programmable frequency settings
DN002 4 Analog In No



Selectable voltage and current ranges
DN003 16 Digital In No



3 software selectable pulse counting inputs

6 PWM Out

2 Voltage Out




 Programmable voltage ranges
DN007 Wireless Control Node No -PFE Allows wireless access to DeviceNet network
DN010 16 PWM Out No -PFE Programmable frequency settings
DN100 None Yes -PFE

VFD Display

4 Button Keypad


12 PWM Out

8 Digital In

2 Analog In

2 Voltage Out

Yes -PFE