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DN004 Description

The DN004 DeviceNetTM High Current Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) and Voltage Analog Output Module provides six outputs which are well suited to provide high-side control of heavy inductive vehicle loads such as the solenoids used for proportional electric control over hydraulic systems. The duty cycle of these outputs may be varied from true 0% to true 100% allowing them to also be used as discrete digital outputs. The wide PWM frequency range available permits operation with a range of available equipment from many manufacturers. The DN004 also provides two protected voltage output channels with a maximum span of -10V to +10V. These are often used for such purposes as providing the control input to servo positioning systems or the throttle input for electronic engine controls. 


DN004 Specifications

DeviceNet Communications
Default MAC ID: 63, Software Selectable
Data Rates Supported: 125, 250, 500 kbps, Software Selectable
Master/Slave Connection Set: Supported, Group 2 Only Server
Dynamic Connections (UCMM): Not Supported
Fragmented Explicit Messaging: Not Supported

DeviceNet Power Supply:
Power Supply Voltage: 9 V to 65 V, continuous operating
Power Supply Isolation: 1.2 kV rms
Current Consumption: 200 mA @ 8.8 V Supply
150 mA @ 11.0 V Supply
80 mA @ 25.0 V Supply
Overvoltage Withstand: 120V, 20 seconds, exceeds QSTAG-307 & SAE 1113

Aux Power Supply
Operating Voltage: 4.5 to 39 VDC
Maximum Operating Current: 18 A Total
Reverse Polarity Protection: Series Diode
Overvoltage Withstand: Max. 120V, indefinite duration, exceeds QSTAG-307 & SAE 1113

Voltage Outputs
Selectable Ranges: 0 to 5 V, -5 to + 5 V, 0 to 10 V, -10 to +10 V
Resolution: 8 bit
Output Current: 5 mA (max.)
Short Circuit Protection: Yes

Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Outputs
Output Type: High-Side Switch
PWM Frequency: 20 to 2500 Hz, Software Selectable 
PWM Frequency Jitter: 100 ppm
PWM Resolution: 8 bits
PWM Duty Cycle Range: 0% to 100%
Overvoltage Shutdown: 39.5 to 42 VDC
Undervoltage Shutdown: 2.4 to 4.5 VDC
Operating Current: 5 A Max per output, 18 A Max Total 
Overcurrent Protection: Auto Reset Electronic Fuse
Overcurrent Trip Point: 7 to 35 A Initial Peak, 6 to 10 A Repetitive
Overcurrent Shutdown Delay: 80 ms Min, 400 ms Max
DeviceNet State Behavior: All outputs immediately turned off any time
the module is not in Established state.

Operating Temperature: -40 C to +85 C 
Storage Temperature: -55 C to +125 C