Simple Radio Remote Control System

The control modules can be arranged as a cost effective line-of-site radio remote control system for any piece of heavy equipment. This system has the advantage of being able to accept electric boom, bucket and steer joystick controls, eliminating all of the hydraulic pilot controls normally controlling these functions. The DN007 wireless control module can be added to any DeviceNet network in order to provide wireless control.

Hardwire Replacement

The system can be used as a replacement for hardwiring. The configuration shown would be suitable for controlling an articulated loader. The DN101 I/O is capable of interfacing to standard automotive sensors and gauges. No special interface circuits are required.

Robotic Equipment

In larger, automated or robotic systems multiple I/O modules may be combined with either the DN100 or DN101 controller to provide advanced complex control functions.


Multi Vendor Interoperability

Full DeviceNet compatibility allows the integration of third party controllers, I/O and other components.